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by OPX

How do you take back control of the internet for public good?
Reset are taking on a potentially world-changing challenge – transforming the way the internet works by combatting misinformation, hate speech and polarisation. We developed a brand that promises urgent action, demonstrating strength of conviction while avoiding divisive us-vs-them messaging. A brand resetting the rules for Big Tech.
The starting point
OPX had already created an arresting brand for Luminate – a radical philanthropic organisation established by eBay’s founder – when part of that team announced plans for what would become Reset. They came to us with a hugely powerful and admirable ambition: to stop Big Tech companies profiting from public harm. They wanted to reset the internet for democracy, and needed a brand that communicated their intentions with professionalism and total conviction.
Sounding the alarm – but don’t panic
The brand had to have instant impact, carefully balancing the severity of the problem with the confident reassurance that there was a better way. It needed to have the urgency that comes from an activist mentality, without portraying a ‘good vs evil’ battle. And it had to inform their audience about the severity of the situation without sparking fear and the assumption of a lost cause.
Joining the dots
We centred around the visual metaphor of a shield, with the white dot acting like protection for the identity of the people hidden underneath. At the same time, it also referenced the perspective of the Big Tech companies and their attempt to turn each customer into nothing more than a data point. Text was kept intentionally stark with direct and commanding messaging, while some images were treated with distortion to imply misinformation.
A hard reset
The name was chosen not just for its relevance to technology, but also the sense of going back to the beginning and starting afresh. This was important because the organisation is by no means anti-internet. Reset recognises that the internet was originally created as a democratising force for good. It isn’t inherently bad, but needs to urgently return to that founding belief. There is further reference to the idea of resetting in the main icon. The elements symbolise the digits 205 – the internet error code warning that content needs to be reset. The full url is also a demand: reset.tech
A strong response
Part of Reset’s mission is to protect people’s privacy online, so the organisation intentionally only collects limited data. What we can say is that their website received over 15,000 visits last year, with an average visit of 3 minutes, 23 seconds. Their tweets earned 53.7K impressions in the first 3 months after launch and they received 180 applications on the back of their first open call for investment.
A final word from the client
“Thank you OPX you defined us. Name, branding, design, you did it all.”
Ben Scott
Executive Director

  • Creative Directors David Bennett
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  • Copywriters Jon Ryder
  • Project Director Frances Jackson
  • Design Director Adam Quilliam
  • Account Management Larraine Datta
  • Digital Lead Sean Croucher
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