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RESOLUTE - Design Changes


RESOLUTE – design changes
The development of graphic design used to be shaped by the forces in power; like religion, politics and money. Driven by technological inventions an innovative race in communication emerged, propelling graphic designers as important influencers of man’s behaviour and opinions.
Now existing structures are being questioned more then ever, it seems like other forces are shaping graphic design. A counter reaction submerges, allowing graphic designers to take up their social responsibility in connecting ideas, information and people. Unlike the past this counter reaction is not just visualizing protest in order to make people reconsider choices and ideas. Today’s activism is designed as activation, making use of technological development and social awareness to truly engage people in creating new connections. Design not just changes the way we look at our society; our society changes the way we look at design.
‘Resolute – Design Changes’ explores the current state of social responsibility taken up by designers. In vigorous projects these firm designers are determined to contribute to the process of change in society and their profession. Based on moderation, inspiration and engagement they encourage people to shape their opinions and stimulate them to take action. In this period of change, the role, responsibility and potential of design are redefined. This exhibition aims to inspire designers, as well as their clients and audiences, to use this opportunity in a constructive way. By visualizing the truly relevant issues of our time designers contribute to the process of change.
ON DISPLAY Most of the designs originate from a personal perspective, allowing designers to determine their own conditions and strategy. By analyzing the motivation, method and function, the design is placed in a social and design perspective. Three chapters define the social function of the works. A recurring set of tags reveals the methods used.
THREE CHAPTERS Resolute shows innovative and contemporary graphic projects that help to form opinions or change behavior. Based on the themes Revolt (creating awareness), Review (increasing understanding) and Refresh (influencing behavior) you can see what impact these designs can have, and how technological and social developments are continuously affecting the profession of the graphic designer.
The three chapters are visualized in three different architectural (scale) principles. From a landmark with a large common public divisor, to the personal opinion on a more human scale. Through it’s construction and connection in a clear open / closed structure it will reveal the secrets of the -often- hidden design process. The need to establish new connections requires creative use of technology and an ongoing review of the design profession. One of the important starting points during the design process is that we consciously choose to interweave the 2D and 3D design world: the communication part has been moved to the spatial world by using CNC controlled machines, which adds a very interesting tactility to the graphic work, a new visual layer arises. > The exhibition is a place of transition in which the infographics show itself as a blueprint. After the visual introduction the visitor is guided by the ”blue” wire & handout to encourage the underlying structure of the process of change within themselves. This process shows that elements, building blocks and structures are needed to make the awareness more possible. The modular construction of the presentation is dynamic and shows us that the spatial content can be added to the context and therefor to be considered as a snapshot. In the future, there is room for more space and change.
ON TOUR The starting point of this traveling exhibition was in MOTI – the Museum of the Image, Breda during the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014. After that it featured at Lodz Design Week (Poland). Next stop is Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain (Luxembourg).

  • Creative Directors TIESENCOO & Staynice
  • Art Directors
  • Designers TIESENCOO & Staynice
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Exhibition Curators Dennis Elbers (GDFB), Sven Ehmann (Gestalten)
  • Exhibition Design (and realization) TIESENCOO
  • Graphic design Staynice
  • Photography René de Wit
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