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Promotion > 12.2 Poster Series

Retourtje Romeinen

by Silo

Discover how it would have been as a roman soldier! for the program ?roman return ticket? silo designed a promotional campaign about life as a roman soldier. children ages 6 through 10 will explore in a playful way how roman soldiers lived while serving in the territory which became the netherlands.

silo developed a concept to photograph children that are dressed up in roman soldier uniforms which are made of kitchen utencils and home suppliances. (amongst dad?s record collection). it communicates the rich fantasy of children concerning the subject and visualizes a great visit to the armymuseum for the family. the uniforms are accurately created, based on three different types of soldiers and ranks.

  • Creative Directors SILO
  • Art Directors SILO
  • Designers SILO
  • Illustrators SILO
  • Photographers Nadine Stijns
  • Editors Editors
  • Copywriters Copy Writers
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