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Rijksmuseum and Rijksstudio

by Fabrique [brands, design and interaction]

At the end of 2012, a couple of months before the opening of the renovated museum, the completely renewed website of the Rijksmuseum went live. A new website, which encourages the visitor – with tablet in hand – to make a voyage of discovery through the collection.
‘Tablet first’ was one of the key basic principles for the design of rijksmuseum.nl.
The responsive website has been optimised for use on iPad and tablet: clear and simple, with clear buttons. The website continuously inspires visitors to keep browsing. A relationship with other works of art and subjects is made on almost every page. The crosslinks lead the visitor through the greatness and richness of the collection.
A special part of the studio is the ‘Rijksstudio’. High-resolution images of 125,000 works of art can be freely downloaded in Rijksstudio. You can create your own collections, zoom in with sharpest of clarity, crop out details and print them yourself on canvas, your laptop cover or even your car; all of this is possible in Rijksstudio.
Rijksmuseum.nl teaches and inspires, surprises and tempts. In this way, the website brings both the collection and the museum closer to the public.

  • Creative Directors Creative Director
  • Art Directors Sanne Wijbenga
  • Designers Esther Jong, Anna Offermans, Sanne Wijbenga
  • Illustrators Illustrators
  • Photographers Photographers
  • Editors Editors
  • Copywriters Copy Writers
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