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by Non Standard

Rococo book is a reply to “Le Corbusier affair” that happened in 2015-2016 when the architect was accused of fascism.
François Chaslin, the book author, famous French critique of architecture, was, against his will, one of the initiator of this big affair, through his book "Un Corbusier", published in 2015. This unfair affair hurt François Chaslin significantly, Rococo book behaved like a cure and consolation.
Le Corbusier often signed his letters by Croa Croa, like the raven. Twitter is also a bird; to make a long story short, this is how it all started for Rococo.
Rococo book thread lies on various extracts from litterature where birds play different roles. These extracts are a beautiful pretext to tell what happened in 2015-2016 as well as to deliver various thoughts and analysis on criticism, plagiarism, bullshit, denunciation and social media. Since François Chaslin also draws in his spare time, the book is intensively illustrated with birds (mostly hidden in the Japanese folds) and drawings of buildings. The book becomes a precious "entertainment", not really a novel nor an essay, Rococo offers a rich journey, big laughs and some tears can go by.
The birds drawings behave like the soundtrack of the book. Thanks to intensive anthropomorphisme, the drawings are a magical metaphor of the reading atmosphere. Sometimes, birds emotions or behaviours are slightly ahead or backwards, this makes the reading very delightful.
The author's text can "go wild", it gets ironical or very funny, quoting Tintin and Milou, songs lyrics and so on, as a result, type can also softly sing and dance. Book flat pantone colours in the last part have been chosen to give a subtle tribute to Le Corbusier, using his secondary colour range.

  • Creative Directors Elodie Boyer
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Patrick Doan
  • Illustrators François Chaslin
  • Photographers
  • Editors Elodie Boyer
  • Copywriters François Chaslin
  • Lithography Lenoirschuring
  • Printing Lenoirshuring
  • Binding Patist
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