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Rosetta type specimens and binder

by Rosetta Type Foundry

A series of type specimens published by the Rosetta Type Foundry over the course of the past three years. Each brochure represents a single type family from their library. Technical specifications, clean text settings, and snazzy details are complemented by illustrations showing colourful palette of possible applications. The whole series is bound in an elegant, embossed, black-cloth binder and wrapped in a poster presenting the latest release.

  • Creative Directors David Březina
  • Art Directors Anna Giedryś
  • Designers Anna Giedryś, Kamil Kurzajewski, Borna Izadpanah (Arabic specimens), David Březina (Adapter poster), William Montrose (Neacademia specimen co-design)
  • Illustrators Kamil Kurzajewski, Anna Giedryś
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Rosetta Type Foundry
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