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RTL Nieuws redesign and implementation

by Smorgasbord

Brand History

RTL is The Netherlands’ main commercial TV network. RTL Nieuws produces all news content for the network, reaching an audience of about 1.5 million people, and has earned a place as a trusted news source for the Dutch audience. The rise of digital media has destabilised all legacy news brands. This project responds to the threat, by reimagining RTL Nieuws on TV with an awareness of the contemporary media context.


The brief called for a comprehensive reinvention of every visual aspect of RTL Nieuws, from brand identity, title sequences, stings and bumpers, through on-screen graphics for news, weather & business, to the studio set, and even music. The aim was show RTL Nieuws as a thoroughly modern news organisation — one which understands how its audience consumes media, and responds to that — but retains the integrity and values of a trusted legacy broadcaster.

Our solution

This project rejects the traditional TV news iconography of pulsating globes and glossy 3D objects, replacing it with a visual language influenced by digital interfaces, and built around the metaphor of a rectangular frame. The graphic toolkit enables editors and presenters to communicate with directness, honesty and clarity. While distinctive, the design is also well aware of its roots in the rich Dutch graphic tradition.

  • Creative Directors Mark Porter and Dylan Griffith
  • Art Directors Mark Porter and Dylan Griffith
  • Designers Mark Porter and Dylan Griffith
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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