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RUFA Annual Report 2018

by Intorno Design

Are 20 years old (and not feeling them).
The 2018 edition of RUFA Annual report is dedicated to the memory of the first twenty years that have passed since the foundation stone was laid to build the creative melting pot that today is the Academy. The intent is to celebrate the continuous renewal of the original impulse, narrating the main projects and events of the past year.
The design was conceived on this concept: a white envelope, precious and still to be written, contains two volumes full of content. The first, in pocket format, includes in a single collective voice twenty testimonies of some of the protagonists of the years from 1998 to 2018. The second is developed horizontally and evokes the old family albums, both in format and in visual content, starting with a first artist’s signature dedicated to the twenty years, printed in two colors. The photographs also refer to the traditional albums through the shots of the “professional families RUFA”, from the Schools of the different departments to the staff of the Academy.
The book is printed in five colors (four-color + silver pantone) and uses six types of paper. The use of typography and the layout of the book is a mixture of elegance and experimentation.

  • Creative Directors Guido Lombardo, Tommaso Salvatori
  • Art Directors Roberta De Cristofaro
  • Designers Guido Lombardo, Roberta De Cristofaro, Davide Luccini
  • Illustrators Maria Pina Bentivenga, Camilla Gurgone
  • Photographers Stefano Compagnucci, Christian Rizzo (postproduction)
  • Editors Nicolas Martino, Cristiana Pagnottelli, Ernesto Pastore
  • Copywriters
  • PRODUCTION MANAGER Cristiana Pagnottelli
  • VISUAL CONTENT EDITORS Gianluca Vicini, Andrea Santini
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