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Packaging > 13.3 Health & Beauty Packaging

Sara Simar

by democràcia estudio

Contribution and impact
From product to experience. The design, inspired by natural landscapes, reflects the purity of the active ingredients and aspirational values.
Packaging does not reflect the quality of the product. Target not defined. Vague image. Low retail price. A need to stand out. Limited budget. Create and convey a brand identity through the packaging.
Depict landscapes with torn paper, travel to idyllic enclaves. Use colour on the exterior to stand out, and surprise with the interior; maximise the shopping experience. Add moderation to the brand with matte finishes.
20,000 units/product. 400 g cardboard packaging with matte laminated finish. Transparent polypropylene label printed in 3 colours. On sale at advanced beauty salons in Spain and Portugal.

  • Creative Directors Marta Tortosa
  • Art Directors Javi Tortosa
  • Designers Migue Martí, Chavo Roldán
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Marta Tortosa, Pablo Llobell
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