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Scania Watch – Black Griffin

by Crispin Porter + Bogusky Scandinavia AB

The Black Griffin. 

Because Scania is “the drivers brand” we wanted to take the truck driver lifestyle to a new level. 

The Black Griffin is a smartwatch that makes drivers life easier – before, after and during the drive. A truly unique wearable, in a 999 piece limited edition. 

We created a possibility for the driver and truck to communicate, with a user friendly interface. The link between hardware and software joins the digital to the physical, and the trucks data is distilled into quick and easy-to-grasp information, straight on the driver’s wrist.

A driver conscious of fuel consumption, real time engine performance, cargo distribution – and naturally when to work and when to rest – becomes a better and more efficient driver. And the reduced fuel consumption translates into reduced carbon dioxide emissions – something we all benefit from.

The mythical griffin creature is a vital part of the Scania brand identity.  
For The Black Griffin product identity, we chose to make the Scania griffin appear more organic than its stylized counterpart of the trademark. We let the The black wings move into the visual design to create harmony between the organic and the sharp digital visual design.

The assignment covers product user interface, interaction- and app design, and product identity as well as external communication – such as product film and campaign site with e-commerce features. A full digital branding assignment, from creating awareness and all the way through to the wrist of the user. 

  • Creative Directors Mattias Berg
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Anders Olausson
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Per Rundgren
  • ECD Gustav Martner / Björn Höglund
  • Design Director Kristian Hallberg
  • Account Director Carl-Johan van Heesch
  • Motion Designer David Forss
  • Experience Designer Andreas Folkestad
  • Producer Mikael Lindqvist
  • Developer Arvid Sollenby
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