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schauholz (Woodlooks / Looking at Wood) is the motto and the name of a mobile communications machine in the shape of a wooden box.  It is making its way through different parts of Europe to bring attention to the importance of wood today and its architectural reach as a construction material.  3 x 3 x 12 m, easy to transport and set up, the box was “distilled” from the large “Building With Wood – Heading Towards the Future” exhibition (initiated and curated by Hermann Kaufmann and Winfried Nerdinger, of the TU München and also designed by Gassner Redolfi KG). The exhibition space itself is the main character of this mini-exhibition: a walk-in showcase that offers a look inside from both ends, and features a stage for a spectacular model in the back. Current wood construction projects are shown through the light openings in the construction. The wall on the other side is covered with sprayed-on information graphics that visualize the ecological and economical aspects of wood as a raw material. In-depth information on the selected projects is shown in on-screen presentations.  The original presentation conceived by Gerd Wegener and Holger König (Munich) and their specialized consulting provided the basis for texts and illustration of the exhibition.

  • Creative Directors Andrea Redolfi (Gassner Redolfi KG)
  • Art Directors Reinhard Gassner (Gassner Redolfi KG)
  • Designers Marcel Bachmann, Andrea Redolfi (Gassner Redolfi KG)
  • Illustrators Andrea Redolfi (Gassner Redolfi KG)
  • Photographers Matthias Kestel
  • Editors Architekt Prof. Hermann Kaufmann (TU München), Reinhard Gassner (Gassner Redolfi KG)
  • Copywriters
  • Construction Concept / Architecture Wood Construction Department TU München School of Architecture, Wolfgang Huss, Martin Kühfuß, Maren Kohaus, Prof. Hermann Kaufmann
  • Completion and Project Management gumpp
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