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School Film Library


The graphic design consists of the serie of 26 DVDs with over 50 narrative films, documentaries and animations aimed at the school youth, each accompanied by a book. The design of a single element of the set is based on the logotype. Each DVD provides 2-3 films set together in contrast. The cover of a pack is built by a graphic image conistent with the content. The image is not an attempt to summarise or analyse the films but it rather refers to their titles neutrally, like catchwards. According to the tradition of Polish Poster School illustrations are not only the aesthtic objects but are related to the receiver. The images interprete the themes in a clear and comprehensible way and as well teach open approach to the matter developing creative, abstract thinking convicting young audience of possibilities within visual communication.

  • Creative Directors Polish Film Institute team
  • Art Directors Monika Zawadzka
  • Designers Monika Zawadzka
  • Illustrators Monika Zawadzka
  • Photographers screens from films
  • Editors Polish Film Institute team
  • Copywriters Polish Film Institute team
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