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SF Bio Sans

by Söderhavet

The brand experience of SF Bio is intended to deliver on ‘big emotions’, among other attributes, which demands a great deal from a typeface. The objective was also to create a communicative typeface that both touched the audience, and strengthened brand recognition. Having to appeal to a broad target audience, while at the same time providing a clear, unique character and distinctive brand signature presented an exciting challenge. The design of SF Bio Sans is based on a cinematic legacy, combining the notion of neon lights and glamour, but with a contemporary twist. SF Bio Sans is a typeface that has in inbuilt ‘smartness’, allowing it to be applied in a vast number of ways. It is solidly based on the DNA of the brand SF Bio and a result of a balance between cinematic traditions, the classic SF Bio logotype and the demands of today’s complex communications landscape. 

  • Creative Directors Jesper Robinell
  • Art Directors Oscar Bauer
  • Designers Tobias Eriksson
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Designer Stefan Hattenbach
  • Project Manager Hanna Lidgren
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