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Sikkens Prize 2015

by Thijs Verbeek grafisch ontwerp

Programme for the award ceremony of the Sikkens Prize 2015. Awarded to British architect David Chipperfield. Commissioned by the Sikkens Foundation.
Sikkens Foundation is an independent cultural foundation that aims to stimulate those social, cultural and scientific developments in society, where colour plays a vital role. The Sikkens Prize encourages such developments.
David Chipperfield’s architecture is based on the understanding and interpretation of the specific context of each case. The dialogue with involved parties is an important part of the quality of Chipperfield’s work.
For this design I made a link between the use of colour and the working method of David Chipperfield. By connecting a shape with an attributed colour to a surrounding shape (context), various colour contrasts emerge, referring to the colour theory of Johannes Ittens. The cut out shape in the middle of each page gradually grows while flipping through the pages, adding a spatial element to the printed material. Another important aspect of Chipperfield’s work is the connection of the location with it’s history. This is emphasised by mentioning all previous winners (e.g. Le Corbusier, Bridget Riley, Gerrit Rietveld) whose names form a timeline circling around the cut out square.

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