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Sir Hotels - One-of-a-kind experiences are built one detail at a time

by Fabrique [brands, design and interaction]

Project description:
People mainly search, compare and book hotel rooms on comparison sites. Because there is little opportunity there for hotels to distinguish themselves, it is very important for a hotel website to portray a hotel’s own unique identity. For the Sir Hotels website we focused on their brand experience. The website is the start of an adventure, but at the same time, it should not give everything away. There is still a lot to discover, both in the hotels and in the cities. That is why the website is a teaser that seduces you to come to the hotel, but also a local friend who takes you by the hand and helps you discover your new surroundings. For example, Sir Explore connects you to friends of the hotel who can show you their cities through authentic experiences.
With each hotels own quirky illustrations, expressive photography and colour palette, the website showcases the unique character of each of the 6 hotels, while the whole site still exudes the overarching Sir feeling. With an eye for detail, playfulness and “boldness”, the website, just like the Sir Hotels, has been shaped with a love of design.
For/about the product or service:
Sir is modern and luxurious. You don’t have to be fancy. You do have to dare to follow your feelings and look for new experiences. That’s what we want the website to communicate. Sir is genuine and never goes on autopilot. Sir Hotels’ ambition is to become ‘the leading hospitality brand’. By challenging the status quo of standardization and offering unique and authentic travel experiences. Visiting the website should give the same feeling. That’s the idea we focused on when we gave the brand a digital platform. Visiting sirhotels.com should be a teaser of your future stay at a Sir hotel.
What was the goal?:
A website that is fully in line with the brand essence: everything ensures a one-of-a-kind experience. The website focuses on discovery. The discovery of new things. Fabrique was asked to cater to the needs of the creative class, the guests of Sir Hotels. By entertaining, learning and surprising. All in order to get more online bookings, of course. Through Sir’s own website and through external booking sites.
Target group(s):
Sir focuses on the creative class. People who come up with new ideas, new technology and new content every day. This target group can be found everywhere. Scientists, engineers, designers, teachers, artists and musicians. It is not a homogeneous group but a diverse group of people of different ages.
Chosen strategy:
A visit to a Sir Hotel is unique. What about Sir Adam’s popular lift disco? It is tempting to give these surprises a lot of attention online. But that would take some of the magic away from the visit. The site is therefore positioned as a ‘teaser’. It gives a little glimpse, but it doesn’t reveal everything.
The design embraces Sir’s strong identity. We translated this identity into behaviour and movement. The site feels surprising, solid and sophisticated, also in the design and the images. The typography has been applied in a balance of elegance, boldness and stateliness. And the design ensures that the colour palette really comes into its own.
The images are exciting, mysterious and challenging. We use abstract photography to awaken visitors’ curiosity, and we use classic photography at the detail level when the user is looking for a literal image, such as photos of the rooms.
Media and resources used:
Sir has different marketing and branding angles to bring the most important elements of the hotel into the public’s awareness. Guests receive relevant information and content via the right touchpoints. The site connects these channels. For example, the Sir City Guide and the Sir Blog are used to make guests curious about the city in question. We want to enlighten our guests by showing them our favourite spots; from restaurants and clubs to museums and shops. This way we bring the world of Instagram closer to our guests.
By doing this, Sir contributes to the guest’s complete experience, including the one outside the hotel. On the website there is a special section called Sir Explore, where guests can get in touch with cool locals in a surprising way. To experience a city in a unique way, you need the local community. That’s why Sir organizes many events and has brand activators in the hotels. Sirhotels.com is the pivot between online and offline. If there are great activities in the city, then Sir’s website will tell you about it. For people who are staying in the hotel for a weekend, but also for those who live nearby. The content is always interesting.
What was the result?:
The new site has become an experience in itself. A teaser of a stay at a Sir hotel. Each hotel has its own character with unique colours and photography. By being adventurous in our design, we have been able to showcase the rich photography without losing the je-ne-sais-quoi that makes Sir so cool. Visitors can easily find their way through the flowing and elegant transitions. The micro interactions bring Sir to life and provide a dynamic feeling that suits the target group. The interactions make the Sir experience tangible, along with bold typography, stunning photography and quirky illustrations.
After going live, the number of visitors increased by 26.6%. There were more sessions (23.7%), which ultimately resulted in a 10.1% increase in turnover. The average position in Google search results has also climbed enormously. The search ranking went from 27.7 to 22 and is still improving (desktop). This has to do with the good site structure, both in content and technology. For the individual hotels, the positions have also improved since going live. For example, every hotel is now in position 1 / 1.1 for certain keywords. This means that no intermediary such as booking.com (with the exception of sponsored items) gets a higher position in the Google results when searching for words such as “sir hotel adam”.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Clara Kerkstra
  • Designers Clara Kerkstra
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Interaction designer Robbin Kok
  • Lead Developer Björn Vermeule
  • Developer Xavier van Pinxteren
  • Tech Director Mark Dibbets
  • Client Solange Beeks (Brand Manager), Dado Ljumanovic (Digital media & CRM-Director), Rick van Kalker (Digital Marketing Coordinator) & Niels Moes (E-commerce Coordinator).
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