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sitio – shared spaces network

by Deadinbeirute™

The scope. 
Sitio is one of the largest networks of shared spaces in Portugal, offering a wide and diverse range of residential and working environments adaptable to the needs of individuals and companies. Designed for living or work, the spaces boast great locations with local roots, mobility, and all the necessary commodities to facilitate the daily lives of their community members. The brand must be able to inspire and unite the sitio community.

Idea and concept.
As ‘Sitio’ means “site”, “spot”, or “place” in Portuguese, we developed a modular brand able to fill the physical, digital, and inspirational elements of their core values, whilst being able to maintain these characteristics across all marketing assets. It signifies and creates a sense of belonging, intrigue and investigation. To be the “sitio” where everyone wants to be was our quest. Boldness, expression, and sophistication are at the core of the brand.

Key elements and expression.
Our logo is the central element of a dynamic design system in constant evolution. The filing of the “square” or “space” represents, in its expression, the idea that is behind our conceptual decisions: no matter how the brand evolves, it will never be complete. There will always be space for change, to grow, and experiment. From this simple concept, the brand cascades in various layers of expression. The brand lives in multiple mediums, ranging from the physical spaces themselves, diverse and always different, to the digital environments. It fills the gap, in terms of communication, style, and visual expression, between corporate and individuals, and transform it into a common ground where institutional and self-expression can live together.

  • Creative Directors Marko Rosalline
  • Art Directors Alexandre Tiago, Luís Costa, Marta Sousa
  • Designers Alexandre Tiago, Luís Costa, Marta Sousa
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Cláudio Damião, Liete Quintal
  • Editors Ricardo Sequeira
  • Copywriters Marta Sousa, Marko Rosalline
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