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Six Minute Stories

by Dawn

1 out of 6 Dutch millennials suffers from burnout issues. The mobile devices constantly begging for our attention, definitely don’t help. Reading however does. Reading fiction for just 6 minutes can lower your stress levels up to 68%, according to research. Dutch health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid wanted to help this stressed-out generation and introduced Six Minute Stories: a series of booklets written by young and popular Dutch writers. Each the size of your smartphone, so you would never feel too far from your device. Plus, to avoid any distractions, we only made them physically available. Every week a new story was released and handed out at different locations. On the website (sixminutestories.nl) we told our audience where and when the booklets would appear. A minimalistic digital platform for a most analog idea. In the booklets, readers were asked to leave their copy behind and share this via #sixminutestories. Six Minute Stories was developed as a long-term publishing platform to help the brand reach new audiences, while promoting mental health at the same time. Making this health insurer a publisher, too.

  • Creative Directors David Snellenberg, Ward Graumans
  • Art Directors Sharon de Graaf, Ward Graumans, Reza Harek
  • Designers Reza Harek, Martijn de Beurs
  • Illustrators Sue Doeksen
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Mees Ubachs
  • Strategy Maarten Nefkens
  • Web Development vanjim.nl
  • Producers Ynske Postma, Sarah van der Steege
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