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Rebranding Greece’s top TV Channel
SKAI approached us with one of the most important projects for a TV channel, re-branding their image. NOMINT’s creative team, led by our director Tony Zagoraios and our creative director Christos Lefakis created the brand’s new image including Logo, Graphics package, TV Idents and News Opener.
The creative process started by working closely with SKAI’s marketing team to understand where SKAI is today, how the viewers feel about it, how the broadcast programming has changed in the last years and which principles should the new image of the TV channel reflect.
The challenge we were faced with was to re-position SKAI from a TV channel, once focused mainly on news, to a forward facing brand that is more than ever relevant to Greek society with its widened audience spectrum and its popular new mainstream entertainment content.
SKAI is now looking ahead, it has a positive vibe, it is fresh, it is favouring innovation over tradition and the new look is reflecting these new values. With those ideas in mind, we started working on the visual identity of SKAI.

  • Creative Directors Christos Lefakis
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Till Noon
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Till Noon
  • Director Tony Zagoraios
  • Project Management Marilena Vatseri
  • Project Management Nefeli Petika
  • Animation Yeti
  • Music/ Audio Logo Rabbeats
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