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Digital > 14.5 Motion Graphics

Sky Premium Life

by Beetroot Design Group

From the abstract to the strictly defined. From the hidden to the completely obvious. Steering viewers through a fantastical world, filled with impossible forms and soundscapes, encouraging flexibility and personal evolution.
Nothing can ever replace a balanced diet based on pure, good food, but sometimes we need a little help. Sky Premium Life nutritional supplements were designed to fill the gaps in our nutrition and to help us unlock our potential. The Sky Premium Life product range includes vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and other substances that are necessary to the human body. In the context of our collaboration with the company, we were commissioned to create videos to promote their products on television and online.
Being unique means finding your center with the aim of fulfilling your needs. Your relationship with yourself being in perfect balance. You are always in a quest, with perfect calmness. You love your body. Completely. You love life. Sky Premium Life.
We created a fully 3D rendered video, with impossible isometric geometry, filled with soundscapes that, combined with a pharmaceutical color palette, create an environment that has both a purified austerity and a dream-like ambience. At a deeper level, the revelations/illusions that occur throughout the video imply the notion of unexpected personal evolution.

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