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Sofi Bath Bombs

by Popular Bruketa & Žinić OM

SOFI is a small Serbian family producer of organic handmade cosmetics. Our first task was to define its visual identity; we then designed the packaging for soaps, gift boxes, and bath bombs. Emphasizing the products’ handmade production – along with the quality of both the raw materials and the final products – was the dominant idea guiding these projects. The design for the entire range of bath bombs was created so that each was differentiated from the rest, by emphasizing a separate initial of each product’s name on the package. With this at its core, a strong visual identity was maintained, and a distinctive graphic element was created to ensure that the new packaging was attention-grabbing at sales points. This way of using typography in creating packaging design was highly innovative in the local market, which made the products even more clearly differentiated when it comes to the competition. While creating the typography characters, we tried to add a particular handmade touch to it, too – as this handmade quality is a characteristic of the entire range of SOFI organic products.

  • Creative Directors Boris Marcetic, Bratislav Milenkovic
  • Art Directors Bratislav Milenkovic
  • Designers Bratislav Milenkovic, Miladin Miletic
  • Illustrators Bratislav Milenkovic, Miladin Miletic
  • Photographers LiveViewStudio
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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