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Something Special: Vienna, the Creative City

by 3007

The new book from ”departure, the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency”, shows Vienna beyond tourist clichés and focuses on the present and the future of independent creative work: on design projects that initiate, support and reflect processes relevant to society and urban development policy. Millions of components build this creative space in this modern and also traditional city. The book design is based on the golden section, as an allegory for the ”architecture of space”. A visible layout grid, with columns, modules and flow-lines, focus on the diversity of the projects. In addition to this, the chapter images are showing uncommon sequences of Vienna and special arrangements in black and white, supporting the ”work in progress” character. The punched grey cardboard book cover, resembling a brick/building stone, hints at the construction/deconstruction methods in urban development.

  • Creative Directors Eva Dranaz
  • Art Directors Eva Dranaz
  • Designers Eva Dranaz, Jochen Fill
  • Illustrators Jochen Fill
  • Photographers Jochen Fill, u.a.
  • Editors Vienna Business Agency
  • Copywriters
  • Publisher Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg
  • Authors Brigitte Felderer, Martina Fineder, Eva Kraus, Wolf Lotter, Hanno Rauterberg, Wolfgang Reiter, Thomas Weber, u.a.
  • Project management Silvia Jaklitsch, Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Heinz Wolf
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