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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

Sound Poster

by Trapped in Suburbia

The Sound Poster is a series of experiments where we find the limitations and cross sections of digital and analogue interaction in order to increase the experience. Digital installations are often linked to a screen or projection in which tactility plays a minor part. With analogue installations tactility can easily play the main part. Therefore we’ve combined the two, in order to get the best of both worlds. The idea of combing artwork and music originated from Kandinsky’s music theory. The Sound Poster is a collaborative project between the designers of Trapped in Suburbia and David van Gemeren.
The Sound Poster 1.0 is the first experiment between a printed poster in combination with digital technology. In this case, we uses the open source technology and software Arduino and is connected with conductive copper ink. When the resistance changes, the sound changes with: soft touch gives a different sound than a hard touch. This sound is based on a synthesizer.
The Sound Poster 2.0 is a multiplayer installation and lets user create their own song just by touching the poster and turning on the different music samples. As a reaction to the first Sound Poster 1.0, we wanted to amp up the play factor and interaction and therefore decided to go for a multiplayer version. Next to this the first Sound Poster made sounds, this second version actually lets users make music. Sound Poster 2.0 was created by the use of highly conductive ink, multiple capacitive touch sensors and one Raspberry Pi mini computer. 
The Sound Poster 3.0 was created from pure adolescent behavior, we just wanted to blow up something and end the series with a bang. In combination with the capacitive touch sensor from Sound Poster 2.0, an electric ignition and ink made out of gunpowder we made this interactive poster go boom.

  • Creative Directors Cuby Gerards, David van Gemeren, Karin Langeveld
  • Art Directors Cuby Gerards, David van Gemeren, Karin Langeveld
  • Designers Cuby Gerards, David van Gemeren, Karin Langeveld, Richard Fussey
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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