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Sparebanken Møre

by Scandinavian Design Group

Sparebanken Møre is the largest financial house in the west region in Norway. An independent bank in a fast-changing landscape. New competitive actors are joining the market, moving quickly – introducing innovative and groundbreaking products and services. To meet this development, Sparebanken Møre had to update their visual profile and product portfolio. They needed a fully digital identity reflecting products and services within the competitive field, to express their strong social engagement in their local community. This especially comes to sight in their app and their online bank systems.

The bank is located in one of Norway´s most innovative counties, in terms of export and entrepreneurship. This became the natural starting point for our strategic platform – positioning Sparebanken Møre as the primus motor for the creative drive in the Northwestern part of Norway.

We wanted to create a visual identity for the people and their creative drive – through all phases of life. Supporting local business initiatives, from new entrepreneurs to well established corner stone companies. The identity is designed using geometric shapes – all building upon each other.

The building blocks was chosen as a tool, both to illustrate the spirit of cooperation in the local community – and to bring all the different concepts within Sparebanken Møres universe together. By introducing this element, we gave them a simple tool to help them show off their entire portfolio of products, services and initiatives next to each other in a unified expression. When in motion, the shapes create a ripple effect – building and pushing one another to reach the next level of creativity.

All the elements in the visual toolbox are rooted in the idea of symbolizing creators joy. The colors are inspired by the local north western fauna – together with a bespoke typography, matching the same geometric shapes as the rest of the identity. The tone of voice and the communication is warm and including, inviting the local people to take part of the identity and forming it as it grows. The same goes for our imagery, where we strive to capture the creator’s moments, handcraft and spirit.

We made a conscious choice to create an identity that would stand out within the well-established category language of the Norwegian financial sector. By doing this, we wanted to encourage a sense of curiosity, inspiration and engagement. We designed a modular, scalable design system – easily adaptable and applicable across all surfaces, whether it’s a festival or a conference, regardless of target group and context. A system for an identity making it possible for Sparebanken Møre to be present, cheering on local initiatives and creators joy for the years to come.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Andreas Sogn, Thomas Ramskjell Larsen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Strategic Advisor Hanne Dillan Pedersen
  • Project Manager Marie Slettvold
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