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Special Books

by Isbn Edizioni

Special Books were born in 2010 as a series of non-italian fiction books.

The creative process leading to the book covers can be divided into two basic steps: the study of the graphic identity of our publishing company and the research of visual elements that enhance the content of the book.

The design changes for every cover, but it mantains some common identifiable features:

– The bar code on the cover and the choice to print in black/white + one colour are references to the standard Isbn design (our classic books have a white cover with a bar code in the middle and coloured edges)

– Every book is represented by a pictogram, an object or a sign that has an important role in the author’s imagination and in the novel. This key element is printed on the spine.

– Synopsis, illustrations, pictures and printed elements ? the key tools that lead the reader in the choice of a book ? in the Special Books series are all located on the front cover.

– We intend the cover as a continuous space useful to perceive the novel’s mood and atmosphere. It is therefore very different for each title:

– I CORPI NERI (Black Files) by Shannon Burke, is the journal of a paramedic who lives in Harlem. Having to deal with death every day he gets used to handle his life in a cold, aseptic way.

– SKIPPY MUORE (Skippy Dies) by Paul Murray, opens with the death of the main character, who apparently chokes eating a doughnut. The cover was designed as the front page of a newspaper.

– TOXIC, by Hallgrimur Helgason, tells the story of a killer escaping from police and enemies after killing one of his victims. He then has to take up his identity, move to Iceland and pretend to be a preacher, with hilarious consequences.

– GENERAZIONE A (Generation A) by Douglas Coupland, is set in a near future after bees have become extinct and focuses on five people from around the globe who are connected by being stung.

– La CROCIATA DEI BAMBINI (Cruciada Copiilor) by Florina Ilis, narrates the revolutionary act of a group of children who, during a summer trip, take control of a train and challenge the adults’ rules.

– IO SONO FEBBRAIO (Light Boxes) by Shane Jones, is a fairytail for adults telling the story of an endless winter, the domain of a spirit named February over a population that fights to conquer joy and sun.

(cover illustration by Ken Garduno)

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Alice Beniero
  • Designers Alice Beniero
  • Illustrators Alice Beniero, Ken Garduno
  • Photographers
  • Editors Massimo Coppola
  • Copywriters
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