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Spollo Kitchen


”What do designers eat?  The printing company CTS Grafica was seeking to answer this question, which led to their promotion of Spollo Kitchen, a project developed over the span of almost two years. This then led to the printing of a uniquely visual recipe book, the result of a process of cross-pollination between graphic design and cooking.”  Spollo Kitchen was conceived and developed by studio ZUP to promote the identity of the typography in a specific customer segment: the designers. The initiative benefited from Polyedra’s technical support for the paper stock and the endorsement of two important Italian professional associations: AIAP (Italian Association for Visual Communications) and ADCI (Italian Art Director’s Club). Spollo Kitchen started in March 2013, when CTS Grafica invited Italian and international designers to illustrate their favourite recipes in a competition for the best culinary posters. A jury comprising five graphic design professionals, selected 100 candidates. The Spollo Kitchen book contains their recipes, explained and illustrated, to savour but also to look at. After the selection process, which ended in September 2013, the next phase involved re-creating all the recipes with the assistance of a professional chef. The various stages of the preparation were photographed by studio ZUP, the resulting dishes tasted and judged. A year of photographic reportage and of tasting: a veritable voyage through flavours and visual alchemies. The Spollo Kitchen recipe book, published by Corraini, contains the work of internationally renowned designers and illustrators, such as Ale Giorgini, Mauro Gatti, Riccardo Guasco, Sunday Büro (Goran), Jeremyville, Stefano Marra, Mr Bisquit, Lo Siento, H-57, Sigrid Calon, Ivo Schmetz (310k), Studio Fludd and studio FM Milano.  The book was printed by CTS Grafica and launched in October 2014 at two events: in Rome, at the Lanificio 159 and in Milan, at the Frigoriferi Milanesi. The superb exhibition structure for these events, designed to reveal all the phases of the project, comprised a labyrinth of totems showcasing the posters, a video-projection of all 570 participating projects, as well as backstage imagery of the cooking and tasting process. The Spollo Kitchen book has attracted the attention of a number of publications and bloggers, such as IdN Magazine, ilPOST, il Gambero Rosso, FrizziFrizzi, FineDiningLovers, Klat Magazine, Design Playground and Think.BigChief, and is currently on sale in specialist bookstores.

  • Creative Directors Marco Fagioli
  • Art Directors Lucia Roscini, Andrea Medri
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers ZUP
  • Editors Corraini Edizioni
  • Copywriters
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