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Stamps: Grenzeloos Nederland – Japan

by Beukers Scholma

Postage stamp design The Netherlands and Beyond: Japan

Countries with which the Netherlands have had historical ties for centuries are the subject of the series of stamps The Netherlands and Beyond: Japan, issued by PostNL. For the six stamps on three different sheets of The Netherlands and Beyond: Japan, design office Beukers Scholma has selected six images focusing on three themes: knowledge, trade, and culture. Haico Beukers: “When it comes to knowledge, you can’t ignore botanist and collector Philipp Franz Von Siebold, or Ōtsuki Gentaku, who in Japan is considered one of the major experts on the Netherlands. For the subject of Trade, we have selected the ship called De Liefde (The Love), with which in 1600 everything started, with next to it a drawing of Deshima, the islet that for centuries was the gateway to Japan. For Culture, we have paintings by Breitner and Van Gogh, each inspired by Japan in their own way.” Marga Scholma: “The pattern with the small origami is used to interconnect the stamps on the sheet, literally across the perforations. To print the small origami in gold, we used a fifth print run. In this way, we refer to the importance that in Japanese culture is attached to aesthetics.”

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