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Internal Production > 16.2 Digital Self-Promotion


by Station AG

Station is the leading agency for digital communication, headquartered in Zurich, and has many prestigious clients, including Heineken, Miller and Migros. The young, sociable team comprises 24 members, who commute by bike to the agency in a former industrial district of Zurich.
The new website reflects the position and values of the agency. The creative use of technology and commitment to innovation can be seen and felt in every detail of the website.
Station’s values are evident in the Station headquarters, the team and ultimately their work. Legendary minimalistic Swiss design lies at the core of communication and enables the simple integration of content from various sources, such as Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr und Facebook. User-friendly operation is also a central focus.
Content is generated with love and passion almost every day, satisfying the target audience’s thirst for entertainment and new technology. At Station, mobile and tablet forms of communication are considered just as important as the desktop. We have embraced responsive design where it makes sense and a mobile version for on-the-go surfing.
Venture through the Station website and it’s clear: fun is given top priority, especially in the virtual world. Playing games with the team, observing the office through the swivelling webcam, tweeting on our social wall – Station invites you to join in our entertainment. We like to engage through the most relevant social media channels and share interesting and inspiring stories from our daily office life.
But it’s not all about just having fun. Station’s focus is unwavering when it comes to clean and professional work. The Station website has been created with the same attentiveness and passion; each word and every screenshot has been meticulously reviewed and selected. Our visitors will vouch for that!

  • Creative Directors Patman
  • Art Directors Mike Fischer
  • Designers Michel Luarasi, Karin Zürcher
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Roger Burkhard
  • Copywriters Florence Ritter
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