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Storyline Studios

by Work in Progress

Identity, interior, signage system and art direction for Norway’s largest film studio, Storyline Studios. They cover all aspects of filmmaking: Light, studio, grip, camera, costumes, VFX, postproduction and more. In 2009 Norwegian Filmstudio merged with Chimney Pot, forming Storyline Studios. They established a new identity, but they soon felt that the identity did not represent the company’s newfound enthusiasm. Storyline needed an identity that told the client they do full-scale production with a high level of finish and creativity. The brief was to make an identity that sells good taste, with a progressive attitude that stands out and appeals to creative directors. The logo’s white square creates a storyboard, a space for creativity, which encourages the user to interact. The white squares are painted with whiteboard paint used in meeting rooms. They have a practical aspect of course, as well as building the brand’s visual appearance. The white space on the business cards is individually filled out by the owner. The interaction between the user and the brand creates a strong bond between the company and the employees, allowing individuality to be shown and appreciated. The name also implies a full-scale film production. People associate film and commercials with escape, a twist on reality, action and colourful special effects. The photos taken for the identity by Filippo Minelli are frozen moments where the future is yet to be revealed, making the viewer engaged and curious. The signage system is inspired by the old film villages and recording studios in Hollywood. The client decided to do the web design in 2013 because of the overall budget.

  • Creative Directors Torgeir Hjetland
  • Art Directors Torgeir Hjetland
  • Designers Torgeir Hjetland
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Filippo Minelli
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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