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by Studio AIRPORT

About Studio AIRPORT
Studio AIRPORT is a young Dutch design agency. From the get-go we’ve wanted to create work that matters and stays etched in the mind of the viewer. Whether we’re cracking down on a visual identity, video or website we make sure that it will turn heads. In fact, we put a little bit of our soul in each design we create. Free of any one particular style or perspective, our communal vision is something you can feel in our work.
Concept and Design
Our new corporate website is primarily a portfolio website to showcase a selection of our work and emphasize projects of great importance for us on a professional but also a personal level. Besides, the website aims at introducing our team as well as informing about our working processes and approach and former clients. 
Consistent with the name of our studio, we tried to give potential clients an insight in how the journey with our ‘creative explorers’ will look like and included a photograph of our team on a landing strip on the starting page. 
We deliberately chose an overall appearance and style of writing that shows professionalism but at the same time mirrors the studio’s identity: a personal and fun work surrounding, a young team with fresh ideas and individually tailored and experimental products. 
The ‘About us’ page informs about our working philosophy, range of services, team, studio, customer evaluations as well as awards and publications we received. Since humor is an indispensable part of every day in our studio we decided to create gif animations to introduce our team. In doing so, we want to demonstrate that we complement and interact with each other in every project and to surprise the viewer – and eventually ended up surprising each other as well with a lot of funny suggestions! Also, we used different customized typefaces to display a selection of customer evaluations. We chose to visualize it in this bold way to show that every assignment asks for a new approach but also that we are a studio with a focus on typography. 
In the section ‘Our work’ we included a work overview including the final projects, behind the scenes material and a short description about the project as well as two case studies. The latter, namely ‘Kapitaal’ and ‘The Hart Island Project’ have not only been our largest projects during the last years, but also projects we are particularly passionate about. We tried to immerse the viewer in the story, the assignment and the choices we make rather than just showing the outcome and hopefully infect the viewer with our enthusiasm.

  • Creative Directors Maurits Wouters
  • Art Directors Maurits Wouters
  • Designers Bram Broese, Koen Poelhekke, Valeriu Nechita, Martijn van de Zuidwind
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Marleen Kuipers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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