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by Oktan Orangeriet

Background: In the centre of Bergen, Norway lies Galleriet, one of the city’s largest and most recognisable shopping centres. Galleriet is one of the busiest shopping centres on the West Coast of Norway, with over 70 shops and eateries, and 200 members of staff.
The problem: Galleriet’s waste room had become neglected, disorganised and odorous. Employees were reluctant to visit the room, where waste was randomly dumped and the recycling process was chaotic.  Incorrect disposal of waste was causing problems for the staff, which would also lead to fines issued by the authorities and the local council. Something had to be dealt with immediately.
Target audience: Employees at Galleriet.
The task / objective: Orangeriet was given the task of re-designing the entire waste room so that employees would feel motivated to recycle their waste. The design and communication would need to be intuitive and user-friendly.
The challenge: The waste room had no defined areas for recycling. The design and communication would need to be intuitive and user-friendly in order for the staff to feel motivated to use it.
The solution: Our solution came from Galleriet’s core vision; to give their visitors a sense of being transported to another big European city. We took inspiration from navigational line maps and the London underground tube system. We created areas for street-art and introduced relevant sound effects to create the right atmosphere. We also felt that a touch of humour would encourage employees to recycle and visit the room more frequently as well as sharing the news to others about Subwaste. This is why we chose the slogan ”Mind the crap”.
The outcome: The Subwaste project has been a resounding success and received wide critical acclaim in the press. Since its launch in October 2012, Galleriet has not received any fines and recycling figures at Galleriet have increased dramatically by 55%. The goal is to reach 60% by the end of 2013. Employees now enjoy their recycling experience and the Subwaste project is regularly visited by interested members of the public.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Tom-Asle Flatholm
  • Designers Olof Bruce, Tom-Asle Flatholm
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Vegard Fimland
  • Editors Fraser Keddie
  • Copywriters Tom-Asle Flatholm, Thomas Teige
  • Project Mangers Conny Breivik and Linda Hansen
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