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Susumu Yokota, Cloud Hidden


The ultra-productive and talented Japanese artist Susumu Yokota was responsible for over thirty albums between
1993 and 2012 – where he explored genres like acid techno, trance, ambient, downtempo & electronica. Cloud
Hidden, published posthumously, is part of the catalog of music he left behind when he died in 2015, aged 54. The album title, Cloud Hidden is taken from the book ‘Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown’ by Alan W. Watts. The book is a meditation around the art of following the universe’s essential and invisible process. The album is mixed by Jon Tye who says, «I wanted to do my best to honour the spirit and legacy of Yokota’s work, by completing the tracks in a way that I think he would approve.”
Published five years after Yokota’s death and with song titles like ‘Implication of Karma’ and ‘Flowing with the Tao’,
the Cloud Hidden album has potentially many layers of meaning for Yokota fans. We wanted to create a cover that both could be a commercial companion for the album while keeping the door open for contemplation and interpretations. To give the cover another dimension, we chose to print the ‘wrong’ side of the board – to give the outside organic tactility, while the inside of the pocket is clean and white.

  • Creative Directors Non-Format
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Kjell Ekhorn, Jon Forss
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Julia Cody
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Sculptor Emma Weaver
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