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Swarovski Crystal Collection App (for B2B)

by Netural GmbH

Beautiful Swarovski crystals, available in ten thousands of variations, get transformed into inspiring creations by international couturiers and designers. The crystal components catalog is omnipresent – as a source of inspiration and an all-important sales tool of the company. Complementing this traditional sales tool with an interactive, digital presentation tool, while streamlining information flows and sales processes was the ambition of the project.
Its target group are the trendsetters and creative decision makers of international fashion design plus everybody working in Swarovski´s international sales organization. Accordingly, the app primarily serves registered business partners who access the complete interactive product catalog with comprehensive marketing information and order service via individual login. 

The Swarovski Crystal Collection App was created as an iOS and Android tablet app. Its smart, elegant filter architecture takes users to the desired crystals in few short steps. A mood board offers quick configurating functions. All crystals are present in all available colors, shapes, sizes and fastenings, and in excellent visual quality. An interface to the SAP system keeps the data on the iPad up to date. The app also works offline, supporting work during travel or in areas with unreliable internet connect. In addition to its extraordinary intuitive user interface, what makes the app stand apart is its striking engineering: Smart data handling produces lightning-swift response in spite of the enormous amounts of data the app has to handle. 

The app´s usability, speed and impressive aesthetics won enthusiastic worldwide appreciation by the target groups. Its benefit is real and tangible: A few short steps take users through ten thousands of available variations to the one desired crystal, providing them with latest information about the whole product range whenever and wherever it is required. Accelerated information flow by permanent automatic catalog updates quickly leads to more efficiency in marketing and sales processes. A bundle of innovative technologies behind a strikingly simple, intuitive user interface adds up to a showcase project among mobile sales and presentation tools. The app is available for free download at the App Store, with a reduced range of functionalities on the B2C version.


  • Creative Directors George El Khoury, Albert Ortig
  • Art Directors Isabella Fahrner, Elisabeth Fehkührer
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Technical Directors Markus Zancolò, Stephan Lechner
  • Developers Dominik Brandlberger, Angelika Brückl, Florian Eckerstorfer, Sebastian Hochgatterer, Robert Huemer, Mike Penz, Stephan Schober, Günther Teufl
  • Project Manager Pia Härtelt
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