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Swissquote ePrivate Banking Magazine

by LargeNetwork

With its industry surveys, advice from analysts and company profiles, Swissquote ePrivate Banking magazine is a crucial tool for investors. The magazine is published six times a year in French and German. With its 60000 issues, Swissquote ePrivate Banking Magazine has rapidly become the most important business magazine in the country, and the only one that offers national coverage in two languages. The visual presentation of Swissquote ePrivate banking Magazine is based on an innovative and modern layout that is inspired from the technological and electronic imagery used in financial tools. The pictures used follow the same logic and avoid the cold virtuality often linked to the world of financial economy.

  • Creative Directors Pierre Grosjean
  • Art Directors J
  • Designers Sandro Bacco, Diana Bogsch, Caroline Fischer
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors LargeNetwork
  • Copywriters
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