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by Söderhavet

It’s time to give periods some (much-needed) thought. After all, we spend up to 10 years of our lives bleeding. An experience that long should be the best it (possibly) can be.
Marketing for period products today is filled with clichés and reflects a very outdated view on menstruation.
We are still being taught to hide our periods or be embarrassed by them. That’s what is reflected on todays shelves.
Pink, baby blue, camouflage, zebra. We’ve seen it all.
That’s039;s what SYD (SOUTH) wants to change.
We deserve period care that is made to proudly be put on display.
SYD wants to talk about periods.
It’s the 21st century and periods are still (!) a problem.
The stigma and taboo that exists all over the world prevents dialogue and action.
That is what Syd wants to change.
If we want to talk about equality, we need to talk about periods. PERIOD.
We sell period products made of 100% organic cotton, free from bleach, perfumes and other nasties.
We are committed to using friendlier materials for your intimate organs.
Our products are made of 100% organic cotton, which is hypoallergenic and compatible with natural PH levels.
There’s some debate about how bad certain chemical are. As those discussions continue, why take the risk we say? That’s why we’ve eliminated all questionable processes and chemicals from our products.
Many tampons, both conventional and organic, can shed fiber inside the vagina when being removed. When these fibres are left in the vagina, it creates a haven for bacterial growth. Our tampons have a patented cotton lock that minimizes fiber shedding inside the vagina.
You should know exactly what you put in and on your body. That’s why we’re fully transparent about our products, processes and packaging.
There’s a huge problem about the lack of transparency in the industry and products are being made with questionable materials and processes.
Some stuff used in traditional period products are seriously nasty, but many of us are unaware or actively being kept in the dark.
Plastics, perfumes, synthetic fibres and chlorine bleach are commonly used in your good old tampons, pads and lines, all of which can cause serious problems.
SYD is committed to 100% transparency in all our products, processes and packaging.
That’s why we are dedicated to using better materials. [See bullet points above].
We want to make periods just a little easier. That’s why we send them straight to your door. Once or once every 3rd month, so you’re always prepared.
Syd period care is delivered straight to your door.
Subscribe to save time and money and choose an automatic delivery every 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. Change or cancel your subscription at any time. Free delivery.
Order once to try us out. Free delivery when you order two or more bags.
For each product we sell, we help a child go to school during their period. Because periods should never get in the way of anyones future.
Education is the key to opportunity and getting people out of poverty. Yet, every day millions of children are staying home during their periods, missing lessons and increasing the likelihood to drop out of school.
We would never deny a tampon to a friend who needs it, so shouldn’t we reach out to those of us that need it the most?
Using the same one-for-one model as our sister company NORR, SYD pledges that for every product we sell, we enable a child to go to school during their period.
We’ve teamed up with Save the Children Sweden to set up a program enabling thousands of children to attend school when they have their period.
As a first step the program will run in the Ivory Coast and will include building toilets and providing sanitary products, which are unfortunately not always available today. In addition, the program will provide education about periods in schools and in local communities in order to work against the stigma and lack of knowledge that still persists.
One look at the products on today’s shelves and it’s clear that this industry is ancient. Periods don’t need to be pink, floral or hidden away.

  • Creative Directors Jesper Robinell, Oscar Bauer & Therese Cappelen
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Therese Cappelen
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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