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Tabac Slab

by Suitcase Type Foundry

Tabac Slab was created by combining several contradictory influences, the result of which is a universal linear font. The combination of brisk serifs and refined calligraphic details in the structure of the characters serves to create an original concept that mixes influences from both book and advertising graphics. Serifs aid legibility in long texts, while small drawn details realise their full potential in sizes of twenty-four points and larger. The basis for our Egyptienne was Tabac Sans, with which Slab logically forms a harmonic duo. The addition of bracket-less serifs caused the typeface to thicken and become solidly anchored on the lines, giving a firm answer to all typographers who like to complain about the slight exuberance of grotesque fonts.
Besides an above average number of arrows, asterisks and types of numbers, the font also contains alternative versions of small letters “a”, “g”, or the uppercase “Q”. Two special stylistic sets are offered: these convert uppercase compositions into effective block texts between two lines or in a negative black field. This allows for elegant highlighting of prepositions and conjunctions, or even whole parts of texts, and so achieve an even greater diversity of magazine headline or advertising material typesetting.
Thanks to a wide palette of weights, the font works in all thinkable sizes. The Regular and Medium styles can serve as a modern text font for sizes from six to fourteen points, optical styles can be replaced by Light styles at higher sizes. All important headlines are commanded by the Bold and Black styles and their accidential character. Not only graphic designers of newspapers and magazine, but also logotype designers, visual style designers or advertising graphics designers will find it well suited to their needs. Furthermore, the font’s unified vertical proportions, wide range of glyphs and OpenType functions all guarantee that Tabac Slab will be an excellent counterpart to any other font from the font superfamily and will help to broaden the already inexhaustible spectrum of the Tabac fonts.

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