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Tabac & Tabac Sans

by Suitcase Type Foundry

The Tabac type system is a static Old Style typeface with modern shapes and distinct, wedge-shaped serifs. It is primarily designed for newspaper, magazine and book typesetting. By scaling the weight in all styles, including bold, Tabac boasts great variability. Each style works as a font of its own, featuring the full set of glyphs. These styles may be combined depending on the user; the choice of text and title face thus depends fully on the designer’s own taste, on the needs of the readers and the technologies of printing in use.

Tabac Sans is a linear, dynamic sans serif type that blurs the lines between text and title typefaces. Drawing on the rich tradition of European lettering, the humanist basis supports excellent readability even at the smallest letter sizes, while unique details and a wide array of alternative glyphs prove highly effectual in titles and headlines. The broad variety of types and weights make this font family a versatile aid when composing complex magazine and newspaper layouts.

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  • Art Directors Tomas Brousil
  • Designers Tomas Brousil
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