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Taborglit product catalog

by caso graphic+direction

Taborglit completely reshapes its products catalogue.
The project considers some aspects that are fundamental for its proper use: updatability of the samples and possibility to isolate colours matching them according to the needs.
Each of the 5 developed folders is dedicated to a precise use and, inside, displays colours, dimensions, forms and technical data useful to production. A work instrument which adhesive polyurethane foam mould allows to generate both the container support and the support of the chips, optimising the use of the material and the updatability of the samples.
Each of the 5 folders is coordinated with the company profile which becomes a completing part of it. Characterized by photos of inspiration and suggestion.

  • Creative Directors caso graphic+direction
  • Art Directors caso graphic+direction
  • Designers caso graphic+direction
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Federico Cedrone
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Marco Dirani
  • styling Alessandra Monti
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