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TAGV Season Brochures 16/18

by Bürocratik

TAGV — Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente is the only Portuguese Academic Theatre. With almost 60 years of culture history it offers a refined selection of theatre, dance, music and cinema to the city of Coimbra.
TAGV always treasured the editorial piece of the season brochure but the piece lost it’s voice over the last years. The ideia behind the 2016—2017 new brand event identity only had one restriction: keep the logo created in the 90’s by António Barros.
With a 4 catalogues per season universe: sep—dec, jan—feb, mar—apr and may—jun, each with a 5.000 print run, and severe production budget restrictions, we decided to have a 2 color offset process on a 70g cheap paper generating always unpredictable compositions from the transparency. Each brochure was an opportunity to renew the color universe for the brand, in 2016—2017 with bright and warm colours (Red, Orange, Yellow and Pistachio) with black and in 2017—2018 with cold colours (Deep Blue, Violet, Marrs Green and Purple) with opponent colours (Red, Green, Copper and Mint Green). The logo and url are hot foil over the color papers was possible due to the print shop support making it a clear standout point.
Based on a three typefaces mix pared to each event, the serif KLIM Tiempos with the grostesque Work Sans with the monospaced Space Mono, each edition features 2 typfaces a loose ( as opposed to rigid) editorial layout bonding that can be stretched accordingly to the programme stronger points. The mar—abr has 3 supplements integrated: 2 as posters and one as a spread. The posters have the same finishing (hot foil + 2 colours) and were made with the intention to be a collectable. The event mupis are designed with the typeface allocated to the event making each one have a stronger identity.
The success of the piece was immediate and made a strong impact on the happiness of the institution. The third season will be a new variation of only one color print over 70g color paper.

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Sérgio Ferreira, Bruno Rodrigues, Bárbara Nogueira
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Marisa Santos
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