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by Bürocratik

TAGV — Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente is the only Portuguese Academic Theatre. With almost 60 years of culture history it offers a refined selection of theatre, dance, music and cinema to the city of Coimbra. Following the award-winning 2016-2018 series (Fedrigoni Top Award, Clube de Criativos Portugal 18, ADC*E 2018 and European Design Awards 18) the 2019 edition features a responsive cover that extends the tagv.pt website variable identity. With a 4 catalogues per season universe: sep—dec, jan—feb, mar—apr and may—jul, each with a 5.000 print run, and severe production budget restrictions, we decided to have a 2 colour offset process on a 70g cheap paper generating always unpredictable compositions from the transparency. The covers use GF Smith Extract stock: Coral, Mustard, Shell and Acqua with an also responsive silver hot foil with complementary colours and black for text for the information. Typeface wise the 3 type families: Klim Tiempos, Google Work Sans and Space Mono. The mar—abr has 2 supplements integrated: END and ABRIL DANÇA EM COIMBRA as posters. The first poster has a High Gloss Black screenprint on 70g paper and the second Keyakolour Coral with blue hot foil and blue offset ink, everything made with the intention to be a collectable.

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Designers Pedro Lopes
  • Illustrators Pedro Lopes
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters TAGV
  • Printer Lusoimpress
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