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by Bürocratik

Ultra Black is the new TAGV Black. After 3 seasons (16/17, 17/18, 18/19) of brochure covers based on color explosion (Fedrigoni Sirio range), the 19/20 editions feature a combo of 3 typefaces and 3 main colors sealed with ultra-black/silver.

The color explosion twist is again at the core of the concept but it is now restricted to the interior, whilst the fluorescent spot colors over ArcoPrint 70g/m2: Green, Red, and Purple are contained with the darkest black we could find. The folder case of the 3 brochures reinforces this fact by allowing minimal color (15% of fluorescent inks) to be revealed and tease the senses with a glimpse of what’s inside. All of it is enclosed with a black elastic to force the user to interact with the object.

The Apr—Jul 3rd brochure is a Covid pandemic offspring. While the Theatre closed its doors due to confinement, canceling all the events, it still produced a blank brochure as a statement — something that will surely have its place in the theatre archive in the future. This purposefully unfinished graphical piece, with Digital Toner Based print on the empty purple pages, became a key statement for inexistent events and financial support. Interestingly, form without function proved to have its own impact over TAGV’s legacy: to endure and testify, instead of omitting, the troubled times we are currently facing.

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors Adriano Esteves, Pedro Lopes
  • Designers Pedro Lopes
  • Illustrators Pedro Lopes
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters TAGV
  • Printer Lusoimpress
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