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Tails of

by OlssønBarbieri

Changing the perception of premixed ready to drink Cocktails.
Alcoholic Ready to Drink brands (RTD) has a reputation for being sweet, childish and artificial.
The project was initiated by the department of innovation at Arcus Norway, who identified an opportunity to change the perception of the category by creating a series of crafted cocktails with natural ingredients for a more adult and quality focused consumer.
A growing trend shows that consumers prefer alcoholic beverages with lower ABV in connection with an increased focus on health and a renewed interest for process, origin and ingredients. Male consumers, in particular, are the drivers for this growth focusing on convenience, freshness and taste-complexity.
We were asked to create a brand platform for this new range that would transmit craft and natural ingredients and connect with the target group of 25+. The naming “Tales of” functions as an entry point to create a narrative of the history behind each cocktail. 
The secret to a good premixed cocktail is really not a secret at all: its the ingredients. Naming and story though have proven to be as important to the success of a cocktail. Most of the cocktails we are drinking today where created between the 1880 and 1930 and the concept celebrates these stories (or legends, distortions, half-truths) to reinstate the “soul” of every cocktail and lift the ingredients they are made of.
We took advantage of the fact that we didn’t have any spirit brand or a bartender name to relate to, and were free to define a new look for this product category. The illustrations and storytelling offer a more crafted and contemporary take on the RTD category suggesting a committed approach to real taste and quality ingredients. The overall playful look is paired with a factual and detailed back label true to the production as well as an historical recount of how the drinks came to be.
An overall independent attitude is instilled in the products, triggering curiosity to try the entire range.
The brown bottle contributes to communicating craft and helps to preserve the natural juice and ingredients.

  • Creative Directors Erika Barbieri
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Henrik Olssøn, Erika Barbieri, Lachlan Bullock
  • Illustrators Egle Zvirblyte
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lachlan Bullock
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