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Tales of

by OlssønBarbieri

A range of ready mixed bottled cocktails with crafted natural ingredients.
Alcoholic Ready to Drink brands (RTD) have a reputation for being sweet, childish and artificial. The client identified an opportunity to change the perception of the category by creating a series of crafted cocktails for a more quality focused consumer (male 25 y/o +) with a renewed interest for process, origin, ingredients and taste-complexity.
The secret to a good premixed cocktail is really not a secret at all: the ingredients. Naming and story though have proven to be as important to the success of a cocktail. Most of the cocktails we are drinking today where created between the 1880 and 1930. What explains their long success is their name and their history. 
The first two cocktails in the range is Sidecar and Oslo Mule (a Moscow Mule with Aquavit instead of vodka). 

“Tales of” celebrates the stories of each cocktail (or legends, distortions, half-truths) to reinstate their “soul” and lift the ingredients they are made of. Through the use of illustrations we are offering a contemporary take on the RTD category and a committed approach to quality ingredients with a factual and detailed back label. An overall masculine feel is injected in the products, assuring an independent identity and triggering curiosity to try the range. The brown bottle contributes to communicate a crafted product and helps to preserve the natural juices and ingredients.

  • Creative Directors Erika Barbieri
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Henrik Olssøn, Erika Barbieri and Lachlan Bullock
  • Illustrators Egle Zverblyte
  • Photographers Sigve Aspelund (Tinagent)
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lachlan Bullock
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