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Talking Ceramics I - Special Edition

by Trapped in Suburbia

Even the most experienced ceramicist must be aware of the material’s fragility. They can easily witness disaster after firing. Yet this ‘disaster’ can be serendipitous.
Taking Ceramics I discusses the topic of mistakes with numerous of the European Centre of Ceramics’ (EKWC) past artists-in-residence.
Not only does this book require baking in the oven to reveal the cover design but it also consists of a 1mm thick sheet of porcelain. Inevitably, whether through the sheer weight of other books or mishandling the cover will crack. Consequently, the reader, like the ceramicist learns to accept and appreciate the beauty of mistakes.
Watch the book’s transformation:

  • Creative Directors Trapped in Suburbia (Cuby Gerards & Karin Langeveld)
  • Art Directors Trapped in Suburbia
  • Designers Trapped in Suburbia
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Monica Auch
  • Copywriters Monika Auch
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