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Tasty Taiga Jam makers

by Anastasia Genkina

Tasty Taiga is Siberian jam makers. The company updated naming, identity and packaging of their line of natural berry jams, juices and traditional Siberian recipes such as pinecone jam and marinated fern.
The brief was to develop a clean yet energetic design that would reflect the company`s values — the use of organic ingredients and careful preparation — as well as the ambition of showing Siberia from a new perspective.
To create a unified look which would represent the festive nature of jam making, a set of modular grids were developed. The density of the dots and/or geometrical figures of each grid is derived from the perception of size and shape of each berry. The elements of the patterns increase in size and collapse with each other, creating a coloured background. The enlargement and coalescence serve to visualise the concentration of berries in a jam (higher, more interrupted) or a drink (lower, calmer). And the colours are associated with the main ingredient which helps to differentiate products within the range.
The typography is based on Circe, a geometric and humanist typeface which incorporates a large number of variants of characters.
Every bottle is labelled with the precise geographical coordinates of the harvesting areas to promote an interest in Siberian locations and culture. Information about a season of harvesting is also included on the label.

  • Creative Directors Anastasia Genkina
  • Art Directors Anastasia Genkina
  • Designers Anastasia Genkina
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Grigory Sobchenko
  • Editors Olesya Ushakova
  • Copywriters Olesya Ushakova
  • Brand Creator Olesya Ushakova
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