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Tate Unilever Series iPad App

by Cogapp

July 2012 saw the thirteenth installation of The Unilever Series within Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. As a change from the tradition of producing a book to support the exhibit, Tate Publishing wanted to create a unique and interactive retrospective of the entire thirteen years through a digital medium. Cogapp were enlisted, and the vision was realised in the form of an iPad app. 

The app features 250 HD photos, 12 videos and 24 essays, curated within the minimal and intuitive interface, which allows the user to explore the rich content without barriers. The design and typography is simple and elegant and dissolves to let the work take prominence. The interactive wheel navigates the user through time as they journey through the years, the artists and their artworks. The wheel uses the metaphor of time and subtly echos the physical turbine that would have once been installed in the space, moving the user fluidly and simply through the work.

  • Creative Directors Gary Hoff
  • Art Directors Eleanor Rudge
  • Designers Sita Vickery
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Tate
  • Editors Tate
  • Copywriters Tate
  • Lead Developer Andy Cummins
  • Producer Joshua Routh
  • Techincal Consultant Joe Baskerville
  • Quality Testing Kiera O' Reilly
  • User Testing Lynn Krieter
  • Technical Director Ben Rubinstein
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