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by LargeNetwork

Technologist is a European science magazine with high-quality content, including research news, in-depth articles and creative infographics. With its detachable pages that can be shared or saved, it is an innovative journalistic concept and effective educational tool.
By exploiting every opportunity offered by the print medium, Technologist explores new ways to display complex scientific information in a surprising but accessible way, using a daring but resolutely cheerful design. 
Launched in the summer of 2014, Technologist is produced entirely by LargeNetwork for the Eurotech Universities alliance, which includes top schools from Denmark (DTU), Germany (TUM), the Netherlands (TU/e) and Switzerland (EPFL). It is perfect for anyone eager to learn how science and technology impact our daily lives.
Technologist is a quarterly publication in French, English and German with a print run of 45’000 copies for each issue. The magazine is available from kiosks in 20 countries as well as through a subscription scheme worldwide.

  • Creative Directors Pierre Grosjean
  • Art Directors Sandro Bacco
  • Designers Sandro Bacco, Babou Dusan
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Daniel Saraga, Henry Muller, Luc Henry
  • Copywriters
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