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Tharsus rebrand

by OPX

Based in Blyth, UK and already one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology businesses, Tharsus helps companies apply technologies to solve their strategic automation challenges and create new business opportunities.
An organisation that wants to work with companies with strategic, commercial needs rather than generic industry needs.
Tharsus sought a distinct re-positioning. They were in search of a brand that clearly placed them as both manufacturers and strategic thinkers.
When it came to the visual identity, the challenge was to shift Tharsus from its appearance as simply a product manufacturer to an identity that described their strategic services, product development and thought leadership. Focus was placed on maintaining a grounding in their heritage while highlighting that they were much more, now a company that had an end to end offering from product conception and design through to manufacture and delivery.
We developed a visual identity which looked to strike a balance between the hard edges of tech and manufacturing without losing the humanity and people focus that is so important to them. We gave Tharsus a warm colour palette, mixing warm hues of grey and brown with unexpected pink and blues.
When trying to visually describe what Tharsus do, it became apparent they sat somewhere between the physical process of product assembling and the non-physical process of design. We created a 3D rendered world, allowing us to describe the full range of their work, describing some of their more abstract concepts as well as literal ones.

  • Creative Directors Frances Jackson, David Bennett
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Design Director Adam Quilliam
  • Animator Matteo Del Nero
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