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The bedroom snowman

by Caparo design crew
We are hosting an electronic music party on December 30th with internationally acclaimed DJs as well as local names. Our target group is our followers, clubbers and people who love this music, people who go to parties and dance, an initiate and conscious audience. Our competitors are other teams throwing parties from electro scene, as well as other parties in general due to the holiday season (Christmas).
We need print and digital communication for the event. Posters, Facebook banners, flyer, and ideally an animated promo. We are a new, upcoming group that is recently trying to present a complete experience by organizing electronic music parties. Everything we do is based on a concept. Communication and design play a very important role in our events. We try to have an opinion and above all an artistic direction. People hardly “feel” and understand the design perception we have so far but we continue to practice our vision stubbornly. In each party, we either invite a designer/artist to create the identity either we experiment in-house so the result is always a different creation.
The projects we did so far have been awarded for their communication material so we have high standards regarding creative. We have a horizon to grow and open our activities mainly abroad (Europe) and in this context, we have received a very positive response already from interested associates. Design has been a cornerstone and an important tool to achieve this so far. The goal with this identity – beyond inviting, intriguing and motivating the Athenian electro audience – is to add value to our existing portfolio and extend what we have already created into e next level.
We really want you to create something that you will like a lot!
The most beautiful and perhaps the most difficult brief is when the client trusts you, gives you total freedom but also demands high-quality work. The main video is open to many interpretations and causes conflicting thoughts, associations, reactions … That’s what we wanted to achieve in line with the client’s demand.
We designed and produced exclusively in-house a main video and a video teaser which was the vehicle for an complete communication. The whole scene unfolds in a series of “bedrooms” inspired by the name of the client “The Bedroom”. 
The grayscale palette was a challenging and conscious choice as maintaining interest and engagement with fewer colors is probably more difficult. So far the projects of the Bedroom’s communication have been colorful. We wanted to create a strange, weird, bizarre atmosphere, kind of intellectual too, in order to stand out from the competition and be different from the previous projects of Bedroom.
The video teaser has the same direction with more emphasis on the music.
  • Creative Directors Κώστας Καπαρός, Αμβρόσιος Παλαμίδης, Άγγελος Γουρζής, Μαριάντα Θεοδωράτου, Γιώργος Βουλγαράκης, Στέφανος Παπαδήμος
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  • Copywriters
  • Additional sound design MD recording studios
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