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The Big Bank Theory

by Postma | Graphics and Motion

At the end of 2008 Paul Postma is asked by advertising agency Dawn to create/direct a commercial that shows how the banking system generally operates.
The first signs of the global credit crisis are at hand and client Alex, a new bank claiming a more responsible way of banking, wants to react on this.
Paul Postma asks illustrator/animator Raoul Deleo to join him in creating a world where the businesslike text of the voice over is not portrayed literally, but in an unexpected and poetic way.
Aim is portraying big, bad impersonal banks opposite the beautiful and save world of client Alex; After weeks of brainstorming, sketching and storyboarding the Alex character originates; A sweet black squirrel-like creature has to rescue his precious lump of gold from a world of hostile bank monsters.
Hence, the entire 3D department of postproduction house The Ambassadors starts of, under art direction by Paul and Raoul, to produce a sensational computer generated commercial.

  • Creative Directors Paul Postma
  • Art Directors Raoul Deleo and Paul Postma
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Raoul Deleo
  • Photographers
  • Editors The Embassadors
  • Copywriters David Snellenberg, Dawn
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