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The Book That Never Shuts Up

by F33

The Book That Never Shuts Up. Client Briefing: The Festival la Mar de Musicas of Cartagena commissioned an art book for a collective of artists called Democracy, they asked for an out of the box idea. Our first step was to soak up Democracy’s artistic vision and plunge into the more personal nature of their projects. Solution: To design a book that was an extension of their work, expressing their thoughts and attitude to the present socio-economic and political influence to insist that they are not artists? to pose?. A book, like themselves, that is not silenced by anything or anyone. The idea came after plunging into their work, their projects are ‘outspoken’, rough, well-rounded and carried out because they really believe in them. Democracy is not intimidated by anything or anyone, so we had to create a book that never shuts up, screaming at each instant not caring about the consequences, a book that could not be silenced by anyone unless it was destroyed. And so was born ‘The Book That Never Shuts Up’.

  • Creative Directors F33
  • Art Directors F33
  • Designers F33
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Democracia
  • Editors La Mar de Musicas Festival - Cartagena
  • Copywriters
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